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HD Dog Training is a new and exciting business in Southern KZN, covering Hilton, Howick Underberg, Kokstad and surrounding areas. We offer group puppy training, one on one dog training and puppy training, consultations on behaviour issues and help with selecting the perfect pup for your family and obedience training.

Puppy training

We offer all obedience training, starting with puppies from as early as 8 weeks old. We start with basic obedience and house training. This covers basics like sit, stay, down, good leash behaviour, socialisation, and many more.

Obedience training

This is for dogs that have already done basic training, obedience training covers intermediate and advanced training. We cover walking at heel, perfect recall, commands at a distance and off lead work. To name a few.

Scent dog training

This training is for dogs that have advanced obedience and are looking to work in Search and Rescue, Anti-Poaching, scent detection and Human tracking. This style of dog training focuses on scent detection and detecting and following human scent through areas and ensuring the dog is not distracted by anything else.

tracker training
big dogs during obedience training

Dog selection guidance

We offer help with selecting the perfect pup for your home, we can assist in sourcing and doing all necessary check to ensure that a dog will be the perfect match for your lifestyle.

Self-defence training

This training is also offered only to dogs that have done advanced training. This training will teach a dog to defend its owner and property from any unwanted attention. This is great training for woman, farmers and anyone worried about their personal safety.

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